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At 6pm tomorrow, ASOS will host a house party to die for in the UK, and even better, will be streaming it across the world. 

Headlining the party will be Jessie Ware [above]. The Devotion singer will be performing an exclusive acoustic set, accompanied by guitarist, violinist and cellist – the first time Ware will perform with a string session. Elsewhere, Mount Kimbie will bring their fragile brand of electronics to the label, anthem maker Eliphino [right] will DJ, and Kitsune-signed trio IS TROPICAL will play live. Here’s a link to the Facebook event page.

This house party isn’t just about the acts, however, it’s also about you. The more people that attend, the more chance there is of ‘unlocking’ a special set from Jessie Ware that features an unheard new track. In short, the more effort that attendees make, the more richly they’ll be rewarded.

As well as music, which takes place in the house party’s living room, there will be an Instagram competition in the bathroom, interviews with the artists in the kitchen, and, as with every good house party, dance-offs throughout the course of the night, with dancers facing off against each other to win partygoers’ votes through an interactive video.

Sounds pretty good, right? That’s what we thought. For more information, head here.




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