Burial opens up about new EP Rival Dealer

On Mary Anne Hobbs‘ latest BBC 6 Music show, she shares a brief message from Burial about the producer’s new EP, Rival Dealer.

Released this week, Rival Dealer hasn’t only proved to be Burial’s most divisive release in years, it’s also one of his most conceptually interesting, with samples (most notably the EP’s closing speech by Lana Wachowski) referring to issues of sexuality, transformation and acceptance. In a text from Burial that Hobbs shares on the show, he explains that “I put my heart into the new EP, I hope someone likes it. I wanted the tunes to be anti-bullying tunes that could maybe help someone to believe in themselves, to not be afraid, and to not give up, and to know that someone out there cares and is looking out for them.”

Burial concludes that “it’s like an angel’s spell to protect them against the unkind people, the dark times, and the self-doubts.” You can listen to Rival Dealer here, listen to Hobbs’ show here, and read our review of the record here.



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