When he’s not making prickly electro with a surrealist tint, Mr Oizo directs movies. 

Oizo – real name Quentin Dupieux – debuted as a feature filmmaker with 2010’s Rubber, a film about a vengeful car tire on a psychic killing spree, and followed up with last year’s offbeat comedy Wrong. Dupieux’s latest is police flick Wrong Cops, starring Eric Wareheim (of Tim and Eric), Twin Peaks’ Ray Wise and Adventure Time‘s Steve Little. Having screened in truncated form at Cannes, an extended version of the film is currently in gestation.

Next year, Ed Banger will release Dupieux’s full original score for the movie. The Wrong Cops OST will run to 21 tracks, and features edited versions of the previously released ‘Cut Dick’ and ‘Transexual’. Another older track, ‘Solid’, features schlocky electro-rock god Marilyn Manson, who also has a role in the film. ‘Stunt’ boasts a guest spot from French smoothie Sebastian Tellier, and Justice’s Gasard Augé also contributes material to two charmingly titled tracks, ‘Crows & Guts’ and ‘Polocaust’.

Wrong Cops will arrive through Ed Banger on February 10. The trailer for the movie is below.

Wrong Cops: 
1. Copening Redits
2. WC
3. Cut Dick
4. Flip Bat
5. Transexual
6. Textes
7. Z
8. Jo
9. Solid (ft. Marilyn Manson)
10. Crows & Guts (ft. Gaspard Augé)
11. Bellyball Road
12. Camel Fuck
13. Positif
14. Druide
15. France 7
16. Stunt ft. Sébastien Tellier
17. Polocaust (ft. Gaspard Augé)
18. Peehurts

19. De Luca

20. Lars Von Sen (X-Mas Version)

21. The End

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