Nic Bullen's favourite releases, labels and live shows of 2013

Jacob Kirkegaard & Else Marie Pade – Svaevninger
Jo Thomas – Mermaids
Marina Rosenfeld – P.A. / Hard Love
Shelley Parker – Sleeper Line
Sleaford Mods – Austerity Dogs
Helm – Silencer
Wolf Eyes – No Answer: Lower Floors
Norbert Moslang – Fuzz_galopp
Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier – Those Vermillion Sands
Plaster – Nemesis

Archival Issues:
Bernard Parmegiani – De Natura Sonorum
Francois Bayle – Les Couleurs de la Nuit
Phill Niblock – Nothing To Look At Just A Record
Maja Ratjke – Voice
Eugene Carchesio – 32 Days
Various – IPEM: 50 Years Of Electronic and Electroacoustic Music At The Ghent University
Skullflower – Kino I-IV
Eduard Artemiev – Solaris Original Soundtrack
Henry Flynt – Graduation
Pierre Henry – Malefices

Recollection GRM
Room 40
Superior Viaduct
Alga Marghen
Vinyl On Demand
Opal Tapes
NNA Tapes

Live Music:
Eliane Radigue – LCMF, London
Andrew Lewis – BEAST, Birmingham
Robedoor – Bring To Light, Birmingham
Lee Patterson – Open Provocation, Cornwall
Weird Menace – Supernormal, Oxfordshire
Robert Curgenven – SOUNDkitchen, Birmingham
Nazoranai – CBSO Centre, Birmingham
James Tenney – LCMF, London
Tomaga – Supernormal, Oxfordshire
Sump – Milque and Muhle, Birmingham



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