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Photos: All Tomorrow’s Parties, 2002-2013

Enjoyed Georgina Cook’s photo gallery from the last ever All Tomorrow’s Parties UK Weekender

Over the next few pages, we present a series of photos from past ATP weekenders dating back to 2002 (the first edition of the festival took place in 1999), used with kind permission from the photographers, and starring Lightning Bolt, ‘Geezers at Aphex’ and various degrees of wildlife.

atp011Gareth Courage Sunday Morning 2002 (lost negatives)Gareth Courage – ‘Sunday Morning’ (2002)

atp008Nick Mariette - Geezers at Aphex TwinATP 2003Nick Mariette – ‘Geezers at Aphex’ (2003)

JellyBeanz – ‘Lightning Bolt Audience’ (2004)

atp015-Fans-at-ATP-2004-NBX-Greg-Neate2Greg Neate – ‘Fans at ATP’ (2004)

atp004Sarah McLean Jonny in the chale2006Sarah McLean – ‘Jonny in the Chalet’ (2006)

atp002Gareth Courage Camber Sands 6.30amGareth Courage – ‘Camber Sands 6.30am’ (2006)

atp012Gareth Courage Lightning Bolt - from Saturday nights set. 2006Gareth Courage – ‘Lightning Bolt’ (2006)

atp007Richie Andrew - ATP Goose2007 Richie Andrew – ‘ATP Goose’ (2007)

atp006Sarah McLean -  is for Portishead 2007Sarah McLean – ‘Is for Portishead’ (2007)

atp017Claire Griffiths -dancer2009Claire Griffiths – ‘Dancer’ (2009)

ATP013Claire Griffiths ATP Minehead Butlins - 2009Claire Griffiths – ‘ATP Minehead Butlins’ (2009)

atp003Sarah McLean We Love this carpet 2009Sarah McLean – ‘We Love This Carpet’ (2009)

atp014-Davoud D - Ami Shalev of Monotonix 2010Davoud D – ‘Ami Shalev of Monotonix’ (2010)

atp018Ashes57 ATP Spinn Rashad1 2011Ashes 57 – ‘ATP Spinn & Rashad 1’ (2011)

atp019Ashes 57 ATP Spinn Rashad 2 2011

Ashes 57 – ‘ATP Spinn & Rashad 2’ (2011)

atp005Sarah McLean - Untitled2012Sarah McLean – ‘Untitled’ (2012)

apt010Greg Neate Thank you ATP2013Greg Neate – ‘Thank You ATP’ (2013)



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