Last year’s EOLIAN INSTATE EP saw mysterious producer patten move from comfortable semi-obscurity to a relatively high-profile new home on the esteemed Warp imprint.

He’s set to continue that relationship with ESTOILE NAIANT, his debut Warp full-length and an album that’s billed as a shift in direction, moving from the twisted electronica and frazzled techno of FACT favourite GLAQJO XAACSSO into the realm of psychedelic pop.

Again featuring art from Jane Eastlight, the album picks up where EOLIAN INSTATE left off, fusing a distinct sense of artistry with patten’s disparate litany of influences, from Martin Hannett to Steve Reich. The record is said to connect the dots between his beloved early CDRs and his multi-faceted new material, and we have to say we can’t wait to hear it.

You can check out new track ‘Drift’ below, and as expected it’s a veritable barrage of sounds, influences and abstract textures.

ESTOILE NAIANT is due for release on February 24/25 via Warp Records.


01 Gold arc
02 Here always
03 Drift
04 Winter strobing
05 Softer
06 Pathways
07 23-45
08 Key embedded
09 Agen
10 LL2



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