Following a trio of albums under the Evangelista tag, Constellation’s Carla Bozulich has dropped the moniker for her latest full-length.

Entitled simply ‘Boy’, it follows 2011’s crucial In Animal Tongue but is labelled by Bozulich herself as a “pop album,” which certainly has us intrigued. Her last run of albums were ragged, deconstructed rock records, pushing and pulling her disparate influences – grunge, hardcore, experimental rock – through a smokey fog of industrial experimentalism, so this move back to more traditional structures could prove very rewarding.

Canadian post-rock outpost Constellation have already gifted us one tasty snippet in the shape of ‘Deeper Than the Well’ and it sounds exactly as promised – Bozulich’s husky, unmistakable voice is dragged through a low slung rustle of jangling guitars, electronic drones and lazy percussion, but listen carefully and the ghost of bluegrass just about makes itself known. It might not get spun on the radio any time soon, but this is pop. [via Exclaim]


01 Ain’t No Grave
02 One Hard Man
03 Drowned To The Light
04 Don’t Follow Me
05 Gonna Stop Killing
06 Deeper Than The Well
07 Danceland
08 Lazy Crossbones
09 What Is It Baby?
10 Number X



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