Last year’s weird and wonderful Love & Devotion full-length was a grand introduction to Mike Paradinas and Lara Rix-Martin’s Heterotic project.

Now the husband and wife duo are back with a followup EP, entitled Rain. The track features vocals from French singer Vezeley, and is no doubt an indicator of the next Heterotic full-length if Angus Finlayson’s interview last year is to be believed. Paradinas and Rix-Martin had already recorded 8 tracks with Vezeley by March last year, and it looks as if ‘Rain’ is the first taster of that “dreamier” material.

The track has been bolstered by an instrumental and two further cuts, and will be appearing on Paradinas’ Planet Mu imprint on February 25. [via XLR8R]


01 Rain (feat. Vezelay)
02 Promblemo
03 The Tripods
04 Rain (Instrumental)



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