Slowdive set to reunite

Slowdive might be reuniting. 

The influential shoegaze act haven’t released an album since 1995’s Pygmalion – in fact, they seem to be one of the few significant acts from the era that are yet to hit the nostalgia circuit. That all could change, however: as Stereogum point out, a Slowdive Twitter account has been created, with four of the group’s ex-members (Christian Savill, Rachel Goswell, Nick Chaplin and Simon Scott, both with his personal account and his KESH Music account) amongst the first five people to follow it.

Even better, as a Slowdive fan site points out, the group appear to be counting down to January 29 on their personal Twitter accounts. Expect an announcement on that date – and expect a lot of pissed off shoegazers if it’s merely a box set.



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