Omar-S finally follows his classic Fabric CD with <em>FXHE 10 Year Mix Compilation</em>, but he still doesn't know what a podcast is

Look, nobody does it like Omar-S.

The Detroit-based deep house producer has built a reputation for releasing good shit, not taking shit, and talking a lot of shit (he also, appropriately, says “shit” more than any other word). Take this gem, from a FACT interview a few years back:

I have an original Robotron by Williams from Chicago – it’s a video games company from Chicago, Williams, they’ve got this one game called Robotron and I have the original cabinet in my basement and I used to play that shit like every fucking day. I got shitloads of games but yeah, as far the old-school, for the arcade, that’s my favourite one, definitely. Can’t nobody in the world fuck me on Robotron. I’ll put up a $1000 dollars on that shit, I’ll put any amount of money on that.”

See what we mean? He also thinks artwork is for momma’s boys and regularly street-races. He’s a total hero. Anyway, Omar-S has today announced a new mix CD, collecting 10 years of music from his FXHE label (sometime home to Kassem Mosse, Luke Hess and more as well as Omar himself). His second commercially available mix CD, following a classic 2009 session for Fabric, he’s introduced the project in an interview with Juno Plus, which, obviously, is worth reading, Here’s a couple of highlights:

Any highlights over the past 12 months you’d like to share with us?

Just playing my Gorgar Pinballl machine,and listening to Billy Piper! Cause I want too!!!Cause I want too!!!

This mix is only your second commercially released mix CD after Fabric 45, and you’re not somebody who does many online podcast mixes either. Is there a reason you like to keep your catalogue of recorded mixes small?

I don’t even know what pod past mix is.

See what we mean? Read the full interview here, and check out the tracklist for FXHE 10 Year Mix Compilation below. It’s the first in a series of mix CDs that Omar will release throughout 2014.

1. Omar-S – Motion
2. Omar-S – The White Castle Song
3. Omar-S & Shadow Ray – Oasis#13
4. Omar-S – Missin You
5. Omar-S – Who Wrote The Rules Of Love (Shadow Ray Remix)
6. Omar-S & Kai Alce – Jivetime
7. Omar-S – S.E.X
8. Gunnar Wendel – 578(Mix By Omar-S)
9. Omar-S & O B Ignitt – Wayne County Hill Cops Part2 (Omar-S Mix)
10. Omar-S – Here’s Your Trance Now Dance
11. Omar-S – Sarah
12. Jason Fine – Jack Yo Bodda
13. Luke Hess – Break Through
14. O B Ignitt – Oh Jabba
15. Fit Featuring Gunnar Wendal – Enter The Fog
16. DJ Blend – Eclat



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