Tuscan Weather? Drake gives you the forecast in your area

Drake knows if it’s drizzling.

Along with its cache of hashtag-friendly lyrics #(swangin), Drake’s Nothing Was The Same has spawned a few memes based on its eye-popping artwork.

Here’s the best reappropriation so far, though – an online app that tells you the weather in your area by changing the sky behind Drake’s head.

Drake Weather detects your location and posts the temperature and meteorological conditions accordingly. From FACT’s London office, we got the drizzly image above. A pat on the back to the app’s creators, named on the site as Tom, Bob and Bert.

Drake was the host and musical guest on Saturday Night Live last week, using his monologue to re-enact his bar mitzvah and turning up in sketches as a Disney World host, a poetry student and more. Dig into FACT’s roundtable review of Nothing Was The Same.



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