Bop, or bopping is Chicago’s latest craze, and looks set to break out of the Midwest in 2014.

Like footwork before it, the sound emerged as a soundtrack for dancers, and has gone from strength to strength through shared videos and word of mouth. The scene is still mostly unknown outside of the Windy City but it won’t stay that way for long, rumor has it that Sicko Mobb – one of the scene’s most visible acts – have signed a lucrative multi-million deal with Sony, so it might be worth catching up on the sound while it’s still fresh.

Thankfully, local radio DJ Moondawg has put together a selection of the scene’s best cuts – from Sicko Mobb‘s ‘Fiesta’ to Lil Kemo’s ‘Kemo Step’. It’s an enlightening mix, and shows off the sound’s unmistakable collision of rattling toms, ringtone synths and autotuned vocals pretty concisely.

You can download or listen to the mix below, and for further reading make sure you check out Meaghan Garvey’s crucial study of the scene and its genesis.



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