Cut Hands lines up two volumes of reworked and remastered material

Reworked material plus a previously unheard track on the way.

Power electronics pioneer William Bennett has announced two further LPs of material from his “Afro-noise” project Cut Hands, the unique combination of frenetic African percussion and tough electronics that he’s been plying since 2011.

Neatly titled Volume 3 and Volume 4, the albums contain reworked and remastered versions of tracks from 2012’s Black Mamba LP and the trio of singles for Blackest Ever Black and Downwards, including all four cuts from the excellent ‘Madwoman’ 12″. There’s also a previously unheard track, ‘Vaudou Take Me High’.

Both volumes will be released on February 24 through UK label Dirter, who described the LPs as “a reclamation of the conscious through 16 pieces, from the opening ceremonial burning rush of ‘Vaudou Take Me High’ to the final in-trancing morbid spell of ‘Nine-Night’.”

Both LPs are limited to 750 copies with artwork from Mimsy DeBlois. [via RA]

See the full tracklist below and hear the original version of ‘Madwoman’:

Volume 3:

01 Vaudou Take Me High
02 Krokodilo Theme
03 Immersion
04 Erzulie D’en Tort
05 Witness The Spread Of The Dream
06 No Spare No Soul
07 Kongo
08 Madwoman

Volume 4:

01 Eat Them Like Bread
02 El Palo Mayombe
03 Black Mamba
04 Inchantment
05 River Mumma
06 54 Needles
07 Nzambi Ia Ngonde
08 Nine-Night



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