Enigmatic director Jonathan Glazer is back with a typically confounding new film, and he’s signed up Micachu to handle the score.

You might remember that the director was responsible for the polarizing and brilliant Sexy Beast and Birth, and early reviews are suggesting that Under the Skin – which is set in Scotland and stars Scarlett Johansson – could be his best yet.

Micachu and the Shapes‘ Mica Levi has put together a haunting score, no doubt informed by her classical training. From hearing her contribution in the film’s trailer, it sounds like she’s in full-on Kubrick mode, borrowing some ideas from Ligeti with atonal string scrapes and also bringing to mind Jocelyn Pook’s award-winning score for Eyes Wide Shut.

Under the Skin will hit cinemas on March 14, and the score will be released in Milan Records on March 31. You can see the trailer below.



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