Barcelona's Zora Jones crafts 'Moonstar' for Fractal Fantasy; watch it now

The Barcelona club specialist returns to the video-only series.

When Fractal Fantasy debuted back in 2012, the first offering was a collaboration between Sinjin Hawke and Zora Jones, and while Hawke has had a hand in the video-only imprint’s tracks since then, ‘Moonstar’ sees Jones going solo.

‘Moonstar’ is less than two minutes long but it wastes no time, its skittering synths foreshadow some club bass wallop that is reminiscent of Nguzunguzu. Plus, the track is perfectly accompanied by VL-TR’s visuals, all fighter jets and liquid metal. Watch it below.

Previously, Jones’ ‘Money Cat’ was a highlight of Pelican Fly’s excellent Feathers EP, and she’s popped up in the mixtape round-up.



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