James Ferraro installs elevator music at MoMA PS1 as part of audio exhibition

The leftfield auteur disrupts museum infrastructure.

James Ferraro will transfer his obsession with the sounds of the 21st century global city into a new audio exhibition opening next month at MoMA PS1, the contemporary art offshoot of New York’s MoMA.

Riffing on the way ringtones, hold music and elevator music have become psychological and architectural components of commerce and daily life, 100%, highlights moments when these automated systems fail or malfunction, interrupting the flow of communication and capital.

The exhibition includes three works – a composition made as hold music for the museum’s phone system, another piece created for the museum’s elevator, and a suite of ringtones exhibited on the museum’s website that will be available for free download.

As Ferraro explains: “Stylistically, 100% sounds fake, ethno-ambiguous, New Age, plastic, and readymade. It’s like a fake indoor rain forest in Dubai’s international airport with the most advanced systems to create sustainable ecologies and habitats; or the empty utopian soundscape of a luxury tract house community.”

The theme obviously taps into much of Ferraro’s recent work, from Far Side Virtual to last year’s God Of London EP, which he recorded at Heathrow Airport.

Find out more from Ferraro on MoMA PS1’s website. 100% runs from March 23 to June 13, 2014. [via Dummy]



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