Forthcoming on the Aus Music imprint, ‘Shrubby’ is young Gerry Read‘s latest 12″, following a slew of releases on Delsin, Ramp sublabel Fourth Wave and 2nd Drop.

It’s a disco-drenched, dusty, dancefloor-ready belter that apparently sounds the way it does for one very particular reason. While producing the track, Read raided his bank of drum samples that he’d recorded on a “shit Skype mic,” and they end up making the track more knackered than a truckload of Andy Stott LPs.

‘Shrubby’ will be accompanied by two (!) Redshape mixes and is due to hit the shelves on March 24, via Aus Music. You can listen to the lead track in full below.


01 Shrubby
02 Shrubby (Redshape’s Not So Serious Mix)
03 Zig Zag
04 Shrubby (Redshape’s Disco Scope Mix)



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