Dean Blunt goes Black Metal for Rough Trade – hear new track 'Mersh'

The enigmatic solo artist joins classic indie label.

Dean Blunt has revealed that his next record will come out on Rough Trade sometime this year, titled Black Metal.

Though it’s not clear if the record is an album, single or EP, it looks set to include new track ‘Mersh’, which appeared on YouTube over the weekend – watch it below.

Black Metal follows last year’s The Redeemer, which became FACT’s favourite album of 2013, and the follow-up freebie download Stone Island. Blunt will play a ‘free jazz’ show at Cafe Oto on April 1.

His former Hype Williams collaborator Inga Copeland last week announced her own forthcoming solo record, Because I’m Worth It, which features production from Actress. [via RA]

Watch the video for ‘Mersh’:



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