Chances are, if you grew up in the 1980s, you probably wanted a hoverboard.

Featured in 1989’s Back To The Future Part II (which incidentally turns 25 this year), the device knocked the wheels off of Marty McFly’s signature skateboard and replaced them with, well, nothing. The technology was long thought to be and impossibility (despite cries from kids at school who claimed to “have one”) and now a new company – HUVr – has sprung up claiming that they’ve finally cracked it.

With support from Doc Emmet Brown himself Christopher Lloyd, as well as a bevy of guests (from TDE’s Schoolboy Q to the Little Idiot himself Moby), HUVr tests out their hoverboard and from the footage provided (which they claim is totally real) it looks like it does indeed do what it’s supposed to.

Of course, it’s likely promotional material for some kind of Back To The Future Part II anniversary celebration or other, but we still dig it, all the same.



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