Beau Wanzer and Elon Katz’s Streetwalker project returns with the dank, acid-flecked ‘Ooze’ 12″.

The track originally appeared on a lesser-heard Catholic Tapes cassette back in 2011, and Powell’s Diagonal imprint have now done the world a solid in making sure it has finally made its way to vinyl.

‘Ooze’ was pieced together using an arsenal of vintage gear (including a rare E-mu modular system and a light sensitive synthesizer) and it sounds like it – from the dusty, pounding percussion to the buzzing synthesizers, there’s a quality that software’s just incapable of providing. It’s fitting then that noted gear hound and Sandwell District alum Juan Mendez (aka Silent Servant) has pitched in to provide an exclusive remix, and unfathomably he manages to take the track into even deeper, darker places.

‘Ooze’ is out now on Diagonal Records, and you can stream Silent Servant’s remix in full below.



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