Chester B and Rakim.

Open your Thursday morning with a screwball collaboration. Early this morning, nu-metal till-ringers Linkin Park unveiled a new single, ‘Guilty All The Same’, featuring none other than veteran MC and golden age titan Rakim.

According to the band’s Mike Shinoda, the rapper’s contribution is “bananas”:

“If you get into the nitty-gritty of his rhyme pattern and the topic in this song, it’s bananas what he is doing. He’s on the some Steve Vai shit vocally.”

‘Guilty All The Same’ is available through Shazam; users have to Shazam an existing Linkin Park song to gain access to the track (see what you did there, gents). One thing’s for sure: the people of Arizona are going to be psyched.

On the topic of rappers with a nu-metal crush, we recently sat down with Danny Brown to discuss his favourite ever record – Korn’s Issues.



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