Invada to release Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon soundtrack for Record Store Day

Dystopian video game soundtrack gets vinyl release.

Invada Records, the label operated by Portishead and BEAK>’s Geoff Barrow, is releasing the soundtrack to Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon as part of this year’s Record Store Day celebrations.

The music for the video game, a first-person shooter set on a tropical island, was composed by Australian duo Power Glove, who craftily bill themselves as “two lawyers sent back from the streets of future, post-apocalyptic Los Angeles 2043. With a touch of romance and a ton of trouble, we’re gonna get there… any way we can.”

Game developers Ubisoft say the soundtrack “mirrors the game’s vision of a nostalgia-drenched journey into the world of VHS-inspired dystopian futures.” That just about nails the retro-futurist vibe of the music, which also recalls Barrow’s excellent Drokk project from 2012, an imagined soundtrack to Judge Dredd.

The record comes as a double vinyl LP in neon pink with artwork by poster artist James White (Blade Runner, Drive, The Thing) and is limited to 1000 copies worldwide.

Check out ‘Power Core’ below and pick up the record on April 19.

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