DJ Clent accuses Machinedrum of "remaking his song without consent"

Machinedrum has become embroiled in a sampling controversy over his track ‘Back Seat Ho’.

The track was released last month by Machinedrum’s label Ninja Tune, as part of his forthcoming Fenris District EP. It draws pretty heavily (it’s somewhere between heavy sampling and an edit, we guess) of DJ Clent‘s 2000 Dance Mania track  ‘Back Seat Hoe’, something which Clent isn’t happy about.

This week, Clent tweeted accusing Machinedrum of “remaking the song without consent”, and now Clent has spoken to Do Androids Dance about the issue, stating that he’s contacted Ninja Tune, who are “looking into the situation”, and that he’s tried to contact Machinedrum with no results. When asked how he’d like to see this settled, Clent replied “either take [it] down or pay me and give me my credit for the concept and vocals.”

Interestingly, Clent claims that the vocals on the original ‘Back Seat Ho’ aren’t sampled from another record – he says they’re by him and the mother of his children.

Footwork, of course, is no stranger to uncredited samples – even the sound’s major players, such as Spinn and Rashad, have released countless tracks that are effectively edits of older songs – so it’ll be interesting to see the reaction to this.

Planet Mu boss Mike Paradinas has re-tweeted these stories, which also adds an interesting twist: his label has released records by both Clent and Machinedrum.

You can stream both tracks below.



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