Unknown to the Unknown bounce back with a rugged new four-tracker from their U.S. representatives Matrixxman, Pol Style and Vin Sol.

Entitled Angry Frogs, the 12″ rattles through the kind of sandblasted, vivid house music that Unknown to the Unknown have made their calling card, and ‘Power Top’ is an easy first pick. It’s bare-bones stuff, anchored by a lurching ring modulated synthesizer, but thankfully avoids being lumped in with the iffy lo-fi emerging from certain quarters of the U.S. scene right now. Instead the track offers a twisted take on the skeletal Chicago sound – one for after midnight when your pants are starting to get heavy and your eyelids raw.

Angry Frogs EP is out now via Unknown to the Unknown, and you can stream and download ‘Power Top’ below.



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