Audio-visual duo Sculpture ready Software debut, <em>Membrane Pop</em>

The self-described “opto-musical agglomerate” return with their latest full-length effort.

Sculpture is the pairing of British musician Dan Hayhurst and New Zealand animator Reuben Sutherland, whose experimental audio-visual works have been released on Digitalis, Dekorder, Kaleidoscope and more.

Membrane Pop is their Software debut: 11 tracks of analog-vs-digital, programmed-vs-improvised rhythmic experiments. “I’m aiming to make a coherent, adventurous electronic pop record with its own voice and identity,” says Hayhurst. “I don’t think experimental music has to be dark, difficult or joyless. I try to make something playful, and maybe a little absurd.”

The album will be released in LP and digital formats on May 13. The cover, tracklist, and video for the ebullient ‘Polymorphic Operator’ are below.

01. Materialising
02. Multi-Faith Capsule
03. Symbolic Molecule
04. Unhitch Your Program
05. Polymorphic Operator
06. 5 Seconds in the Future is a You Made of Pure Thought
07. Hackle Scam Populator
08. Distraction Display
09. Lingual Junk
10. Dance of Oblate Spheroids
11. Instability



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