Led Zeppelin’s John Paul Jones and Norwegian dark ambient pioneer Helge Sten have joined forces on forthcoming album Cloud to Ground.

The two musicians have worked together on numerous occasions, and under the minibus Minibus Pimps moniker have played a number of collaborative shows, some of which birthed the sprawling new record. ‘Superbolt’ is the album’s standout track, and exemplifies the duo’s keen control of the elements.

John Paul Jones’ many years of tireless experimentation and Sten’s experience as part of avant-garde supergroup Supersilent sets them both in good stead, and the result is a track that fuses grim ambience with a wiry, haunted mood that wouldn’t sound out of place on an episode of True Detective.

Cloud to Ground is available now on deluxe 180gm LP with CD inserted on the SusannaSonata imprint.



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