Can DJing reduce anxiety? A new documentary investigates

Crowdfunding campaign to prove that “music is medicine”.

An L.A. filmmaker is exploring the idea that music can have a therapeutic effect on people with social anxiety in a new documentary feature currently in production.

Before We Were Kings features input from several DJs, including Moby and house DJ Wolfgang Gartner, who gravitated towards electronic music as a way to socialise and overcome their anxiety.

A Kickstarter campaign has been launched to raise the funds needed for filming in New York, and to seek support from others who think music can be a form of therapy. So far the campaign has attracted almost $5,000 of its $22,912 goal.

“The filmmakers believe that music can be just as helpful as Xanax to someone who has anxiety or depression,” explains director Brandon Ross. “Through our research over two years, we have learned that music has been helpful to those on the autism spectrum, with speech impairments, or stroke victims. We believe in the POWER of music and think that MILLIONS of other people in the world do as well.” [via Beatport]

Watch the trailer below:



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