Soundcloud tops list of music services mentioned on Twitter.

Following the recent news that Twitter and Billboard are to partner for a new real-time chart, a survey has surfaced this week tracking the popularity of music services on the social network.

Peter Watts, a music tech hacker, has been tracking the popularity of music services on Twitter over the past 15 months. Watts has now published the results of his survey showing that – perhaps unsurprisingly – Soundcloud is top of the pile with over 42 million mentions in that period, followed by Spotify and

According to Gigaom, who spoke to Watts about his survey, the queries sought mentions of the services on Twitter, including for example articles and not necessarily links to music available on that service. This would explain why MySpace appears in the top 10 list. As for YouTube, Watts left it out because “the volume is insanely large.”

So perhaps not so much a case of Soundcloud ruling the roost as them being top of the pile if you ignore the one online platform that has been hijacked by users for sharing music. Still the data offers an interesting take on the current sharing landscape ahead of this new real-time chart and moves by Soundcloud to attract interest from major labels. [Via Gigaom]

Here’s the top 10 list and the amount of Twitter mentions:
SoundCloud (42,604,555)
Spotify (16,319,028) (8,039,354)
Pandora (3,715,642)
Bandcamp (3,488,443)
Myspace (3,984,167)
Shazam (3,079,587)
Soundtracking (2,679,342)
Deezer (2,459,766)
Soundhound (1,563,054)



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