Techno, punk and carnival rhythms collide.

In case you didn’t already know, Ninos Du Brasil are an Italian percussion duo, but don’t think for a second that the music they produce is an academic snooze-fest. Actually, it might be the most flamboyant record Dominick Fernow’s Hospital Productions has put out to date, fusing the seemingly disparate influences of punk, techno and Batacuda, and emerging with a sound that can truly be described as unique.

The project takes its rhythmic backbone from Brazilian carnival music, and the duo injects each track with the frothy attitude of punk and the shuffling dancefloor domination of techno. It’s tough music to describe, but like William Bennett’s innovative Cut Hands project before it, begins to make sense when you hear it.

‘Sombra Da Lua’ is a monster of a track, fusing rattling carnival beats with the kind of pulsing techno minimalism you’d rather expect to hear from Ricardo Villalobos. It’s an unexpected move from the Hospital Productions imprint, but a welcome one, and it’s hardly surprising that Ninos Du Brasil have a record due for DFA this summer.

There’s now a video for the track, which you can check out below.

Novos Mistérios will be released on April 21 via Hospital Productions.


01 Olhar Das Folhas
02 Sombra Da Lua
03 Legios De Cupins
04 Sepultura
05 Miragem
06 Essenghelo Tropical
07 Novos Misterios

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