Evian Christ confirms work on new Kanye West album, shares remix of Young Thug's 'Stoner'

Confirming rumors, the Tri Angle / G.O.O.D. producer says he’s working on Kanye’s new album.

In an interview with Self-Titled, Evian Christ teased the next project he’s working on: the follow-up to Kanye West’s Yeezus. “I’ve got to get home and write an Otis Redding–style beat for him,” he says. “He e-mailed last night. He wants something that sounds a bit like Otis Redding, a bit like Mobb Deep.”

Does that foreshadow Kanye’s new direction? The producer writes on Twitter not to “read too much into” the interview: “ye knows what next record is gonna sound like. i dunno. i just send beats.”

Echoing what he told FACT’s John Calvert, the producer says Kanye is the only rapper he’s worked with who wants to make things weirder.

“Kanye is the one dude who’s like, ‘This is not experimental enough. This is too poppy. Make something else.’ The other guys are like, ‘We don’t get it,'” he explains. “Kanye is a dream to work with. No one else gives you that level of creative freedom. When he wants you to work to a blueprint, the blueprint is: ‘Don’t make a rap beat. Anything but a rap beat.’”

Speaking of a rapper unafraid of getting weird, Evian Christ has shared a metallic remix of Young Thug’s breakthrough single ‘Stoner’. Download it via Mediafire.



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