Israeli immigrant documents the weird and wonderful obsession of record collectors with beautiful photography.

In 2012 photographer and budding record collector Elion Paz set out to document the collections of serious vinyl addicts, beginning a project that has grown from a website and Kickstarter campaign to a coffee-table book that profiles over 130 record collectors from around the world with photos and in-depth interviews.

The book is being released today in the US, co-inciding with Record Store Day, and will be on worldwide release from May 20. Among those featured are famed collectors such as RBMA and egotrip’s Chairman Mao, Now Again Records’ Eothen ‘Egon’ Alapatt, Bill Adler and Philly’s King Britt and Rich Medina.

For those unable to get a copy today you can visit the website for pre-orders and to read and watch various content that Paz has accumulated in the process of putting the book together.

And those of you in the New York City area may want to make your way to the DUMBO area of Brooklyn later today where a launch party for the book is being held this evening from 6pm at the Powerhouse Arena featuring music from collectors and the DubStuy Tower of Power soundsystem.



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