Palace returns to Unknown to the Unknown/Hot Haus with another slice of twisted garage.

Those of you that remember last year’s Dreamscape EP and 2012’s excellent ‘Trust’ will no doubt already have a soft spot for UTTU’s East London garage peddler Palace, so a set of brand new tracks can only be a good thing.

The pummeling 3-tracker is led by ‘Touch Me’, a dusty, organ-led cut blessed with enough slippery ’98-era shuffle that you’ll be digging out your 187 Lockdown CD singles in no time. Those of you who are particularly observant will realize it’s the finished version of a track that’s been floating around (in admittedly rough form) since 2012, so it’s encouraging to see it finally making its way to the shelves.

Take a listen below, and make sure you grab the 12″ when it finally emerges.


01 Touch Me
02 Labyrinth
03 Psychosis

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