"Label in the desert" Bedouin Records launches with Allison Chanic's sophisticated electronica and Lakker remix

Acquaint yourself with the United Arab Emirates’ freshest vinyl-only imprint.

Call us suckers for a good back story, but if someone sends us a 12” saying it’s the first release on their new label which is “based in the desert” and tells us the music is “garbed in lamentation”, then yes, we’re interested.

If the music turns out to be amazing – as the ultra-sophisticated electronica of ‘Painlessly in Love’ by Allison Chanic with a lush remix by Irish duo Lakker very definitely is – then so much the better.

And if they then follow up by revealing they’ve got four more EPs ready to go over the next couple of months, each packed with equally strange and cerebral but immediate bits of music, then frankly we’re patting ourselves on the back for believing the hype in the first place.

Bedouin Records is a vinyl-only label from the United Arab Emirates, run by one Salem Rashid, but appears to be highly internationalist, being distributed by Honest Jon’s and with particular connections with Ireland, Berlin and Japan.

Take a look at their website and take note of their schedule after the Chanic release (out now), which looks like this:

BDN002 Imugem Orihasam – Must Understand Before Contradict EP (w/ Eomac remix) – listen
BDN003 Dez Williams – Strength In Numbers EP (w/ Ekman & Bintus remixes) – listen
BDN004 Ryo Murakami – Immersion LP
BDN005 Ekman – Godelian Argument EP




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