Looking for 'Eternal Bliss'? James Pants, Nightwave and more soundtrack "the internet’s most relaxing website"

After a hectic morning on the internet, where better to find inner peace than… the internet?

Eternal Bliss™ is billed “the internet’s most relaxing website”, a tranquil combination of soothing visuals, endlessly scrolling messages (“awaken your gratitude”; “visualise a baby”) and meditative music provided by Red Bull Music Academy affiliates.

Soundtracking your newfound sense of calm are tracks by James Pants, Nightwave, Suzanne Kraft, Johnny Nash, Lucrecia Dalt, May Roosevelt, Venice, Anenon, A.r.t. Wilson, Daisuke Tanabe and Gora Sou.

Choose between sessions of one minute, 10 minutes, 1 hour or even infinity – and if you don’t like the words on screen, click them to find a better combination of positive thinking verbiage. To change the “zone” you’ve been placed in and the music you’re hearing, just click and swipe.

There’s no clear motivation behind Eternal Bliss – just a gift from those good folks at RBMA, we guess.

Next month RBMA will host a series of performances and talks in New York, ranging from a public lecture by D’Angelo to a cross-genre ‘hardcore’ event featuring Tim Hecker, Gunplay, Napalm Death and more.



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