‘Afrodisiac’ fragrances for free jazz aficionados.

Not one but three volumes of Sun Ra’s poetry and prose are on the way from Norton Records’ books arm Kicks, and to mark the occasion in style, the imprint has tapped into the great jazz leader’s cosmic vision and bottled it into two fragrances.

For the bargain price of $13 you can douse yourself in Saturnia, an ‘Afrodisiac’ created from “the highest quality Neroli distillate of bitter orange blossoms”, or Prophetika, a scent that “invokes a mirage of memories and mysteries and incites a call to action with hints of Cairo, Chicago and Casseopia.”

Both come in 0.5 oz glass bottles with an iconic brass Sphinx or pyramid keepsake amulet, and were “bottled by Gigi of Midwood during the Capricornus July full hay moon.”

The Prophetika book trilogy will compile the Arkestra leader’s unpublished end-times poetry and prose – “hard-edged predictions and prognostications to mankind from the doomsday pen of visionary genius Sun Ra”, as the imprint describes it.

Musical fragrances seem to be all the rage at the moment – Kode9, Ben Frost and Tim Hecker were recently tasked with composing music for ‘bass’, ‘noise’ and ‘drone’ perfumes.

A huge cache of Sun Ra master tapes recently went unsold on eBay with a starting price of $20,000. [via The Wire]



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