SPF666 fuses dembow and jungle on vicious 'Scorpion Cache' — download it now

The Portland proudcer inaugurates Chemtrail Records with his debut release.

SPF666 has spent the last few years fortifying Portland’s underground scene with Club Chemtrail, a party that he hosts with Massacooramaan and Commune. Following like minded crews — from Night Slugs on down — the party is now a label as well.

The imprint’s first release is SPF666’s Scorpion Cache EP, featuring three percussive club creations and remixes by Massacooramaan, Commune and Mike G (plus a bonus edit by Gang Fatale’s Neana). The title track sets the tone for the EP: fierce ballroom, grime, and dembow concoctions that toy with exotic elements and negative space.

“The title track obviously is based in both dembow and jungle breaks, meeting on the plane of half time,” he says. “The dembow is legit the catchiest drum pattern that exists, so it serves as a great base to explore more challenging sonic elements.” Stream/download it below and keep watch for an interview with the producer soon.



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