Trip-hop pioneer Tricky’s been on a good run of late, following last year’s return-to-form False Idols.

That album was a reminder why we fell in love with him all those years ago, and found him occupying the same hoarse, dark spaces as he did on the excellent Pre-Millenium Tension. Clearly inspired by the resurgence of activity, Tricky has now offered up a selection of rarities and new tracks, which according to his website “otherwise would have stayed locked in a vault.”

Nearly God highlight ‘Black Coffee’ is in the set, as is Tricky’s ’05 rework of Billie Holiday’s ‘Strange Fruit’ and ‘A Song For Yukiko’, but the other two tracks ‘ESP’ and ‘Emel’ are totally new. When asked why he was giving the set away, he replied “Just because I can, and it’s just for love.” Oh Tricky, we love you too.

You can download the five tracks by heading over to Tricky’s website and following the instructions, and if you’re still hungry for more Tricky, don’t forget to check out Joseph Morpurgo’s epic interview with the great man from last year.



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