Seapunk survivor Ultrademon readies <em>Voidic Charms</em> LP; shares breakbeat-bred 'Desert Star'

The Kansas-born, Chicago-based producer returns with his second album.

Best known for helping to establish the seapunk genre/movement/Tumblr-inside-joke, Ultrademon has continued to crossbreed DayGlo rave styles with his Coral Records Internazionale imprint.

Last year, the producer (real name Albert Redwine) dropped his debut LP Seapunk on his Rephlex sub-label Fire For Effect. The follow-up, Voidic Charms, is due out on July 25 via Coral Records. The album promises a “maturing of his overall aesthetic” and features 13 sonic explorations that bound from “chiptunes to UK funky, acid to footwork, jungle to anime and videogame samples.”

Listen to the warped raver ‘Desert Star’ below; the album art and tracklist follow. We’ll be on the look-out for ‘Drive U Crazy’, which features fellow seapunk Zombelle and FACT fave The GTW.

01. Wake Up
02. Desert Star
03. Drive U Crazy (Feat. The GTW, Zombelle)
04. Full Moon
05. Ultrademon Killin’ It
06. Wasteland (44,000 Years In the Making)
07. Vine Hung Horizon
08. Voidic Charm
09. Nautical Elves
10. March 29 – Viral Host
11. Fantasy House
12. Step Into Liquid (Wayback Mix)
13. Flash



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