Heroin In Tahiti return with 7" of "Italian Occult Psychedelia"

The pulp soundtrack obsessives return with a limited-edition record.

Rome’s Heroin In Tahiti impressed us with their drug-hazed 2012 debut, Death Surf, which landed at #23 in our albums of the year chart. In 2013, the group split an LP with Ensemble Economique, but are back on their own with ‘Peplum’ / ‘Alo’, a 500-issue 7″ out on Yerevan Tapes.

The A-side is described as “an apocalyptic take on some imaginary Morricone soundtrack,” with B-side ‘Alo’ a giallo-inspired tune somewhere between Bruno Nicolai and Demdike Stare. The latter was created for an art exhibit by (not that) Phil Collins — stream it below.

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