Jubilee readies Brooklyn-inspired 'JMZ Riddim' for Mixpak

The Brooklyn-via-Miami bass queen is back with a new single.

Jubilee has returned to Mixpak with the follow-up to this year’s ‘Pull Ova’ with ‘JMZ Riddim’. While ‘Pull Ova’ was inspired by Miami, ‘JMZ Riddim’ takes its cues from Jubilee’s new home in Brooklyn, specifically the JMZ subway line that runs through the borough.

The title track pulls from Brooklyn’s dancehall and reggaeton sounds, while two remixes from the mysterious Thundridge Echo explore pulsating dub and clubby reggae, respectively.

Stream the tracks below and/or buy it now. Last year, FACT TV met with Jubilee and Star Eyes and chatted about their NYC experiences, the story of how they met, and the pros and cons of making tracks together.



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