Ali Wells continues his string of raw remixes.

Brodinski and Manu Barron’s Bromance imprint has spent the last few years teaming producers in new and interesting ways, and their latest pairing does not disappoint.

Continuing their long-running collaboration, Paris-based house-and-techno fiend Louisahhh!!! and France-born producer Maelstrom will release a deluxe edition of their Traces EP via the label. Along with originals ‘Night Clubbing’ and ‘Rough & Tender’, the release is rounded out by a pair of remixes by Perc and one by Dave Clarke.

Louisa and Mael describe ‘Night Clubbing’ as “a track about the individual experience of the nightlife, the feeling of walking in a back alley at 3 in the morning with other party animals, heading to the next club, until your feet can’t take you anywhere. The kind of moments when you think you’re invincible, and when the very notion of time disappears.” Perc’s ragged, feedbacking vocal mix of the track, then, is like the feeling of a night out that takes a turn for the perilous.

Stream the remix below; Bromance #15: Traces Deluxe Edition is due out next month via Bromance and The Vinyl Factory.



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