Plastician announces full details of <i>Plasticman Remastered</i> compilation, and remix EPs feat. Kahn & Neek, Wen and more

Plastician has revealed full details of Plasticman Remastered, a retrospective of his releases under his old Plasticman alias.

Speaking to FACT earlier this year, Plastician explained that “I re-opened the original .flp Fruityloops files in the same versions of the software they were built in at the time and bounced them as wavs completely flat. I’ve not added any new effects or eq to any of them. They all contain exactly the same sounds and mix settings as they did in the early ’00s, even as basic as they are I felt it would be wrong to change anything.”

The compilation will be released on July 14. A deluxe version of the album will be available exclusively on the Terrorhythm Bandcamp page, and will include 4 exclusive unreleased tracks – ‘Cha VIP’ (which will be available immediately for anyone who pre-orders the album), ‘The Lift VIP’, and two previously unreleased originals, ‘Deep’ and We Like The Dark’, a collaboration between Plastician and Skream which dates back to 2002.

Following Plasticman Remastered, Terrorythm will release three remix EPs, with artists such as Wen, Inkke, Kahn & Neek and Starkey remixing Plasticman tracks. Volume 3 will also be released as a limited 12″ white label.

Artwork comes from Sean Knowles.

Plasticman Remastered Tracklist:
1. Venom
2. ShockwaveTERR_Plasticman_Remastered
3. Hard Graft
4. The Lift
5. Printloop
6. Sandstorm
7. Pump Up The Jam
8. White Gloves
9. Spring Roller
10. Cha
11. Shallow Grave
12. The Search
13. Death By Stereo
14. Camel Ride
15. Industrial Graft
16. The Music
17. Be There Or Be Square
18. Aqua Riddim
19. Section 7
20. Unhappy Shopper
21. Safari
Deluxe version:
22. Deep
23. Cha VIP
24. The Lift VIP
25. Skream & Plastician – We Like The Dark

Plasticman Remixed 1:
Plastician – Safari (AWE Remix)
Plastician – Pump Up The Jam (Starkey Remix)
Plastician – White Gloves (Mr. Mitch Remix)
Plastician – Hard Graft (N Type & Surge Remix)
Plastician – Section 7 (Inkke Remix)

Plasticman Remixed 2:
Plastician – The Music (Kendo x Gunkst Remix)
Plastician – Industrial Graft (Patrick Brian Remix)
Plastician – Camel Ride (Mojo Remix)
Plastician – Spring Roller (Roska’s Veggie Mix)
Plastician – Printloop (The Others Remix)

Plasticman Remixed 3:
Plastician – The Search (Mak & Pasteman Remix)
Plastician – The Search (Kahn & Neek Remix)
Plastician – Shallow Grave (Wen Remix)



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