Damaged electronics from California’s most crucial outpost Not Not Fun.

Although they’re now holed up in Melbourne, Australia, Nick Senger and Cooper Bowman are both actually from Newcastle. Two veterans of the scene, Senger used to run the Spanish Magic label and perform in Castings and Cistern Corrupt, while Bowman runs the Altered States Tapes imprint and was a part of Dry Mouth and Junk Sick, and they’ve joined forces to put together their debut recordings as Flat Fix.

Vehemently hardware focused, the duo mash together their enviable collection of synthesizers and drum machines to rustle up a narcotic vision of electronic psychedelia that sounds a few steps removed from anything happening in the US right now. ‘Cerulean Blue’, which you can hear in full below’, is snipped from the duo’s forthcoming full-length cassette An Unkempt House, which will be arriving in stores July 1.



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