So that’s David Bowie, Daft Punk, Madonna and Pharrell, for a start?

Disco deity Nile Rodgers says he is working on a new Chic track featuring “almost everybody” who has sung with him. Which is a heck of a lot of people.

He hinted at the project via his always cheery Twitter account: “I’m just finishing up a new song for Chic that’s going to feature almost everybody that’s ever sung with me. I can’t wait to do that session.”

Other potential vocalists for the track could include Grace Jones, Peter Gabriel, Sister Sledge, Mariah Carey, Robert Plant and Diana Ross, or more recent collaborators like Jessie Ware and Sam Smith.

Rodgers recently said he’s been writing material based on Chic demos from 1983, which were recorded while he was writing ‘Let’s Dance’ with Bowie. That could be pretty brilliant, actually. In the meantime, Chic have taken their foot off their gas for this year’s festival season, but they will be headlining Bestival in September.



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