Listen to LA house head Cromie's solo debut <em>Inner Knows</em>

The Club Called Rhonda regular readies an EP for Brooklyn’s Peach.

Croatia-born, Los Angeles-bred Cromie inaugurated Peach last summer with a collaborative EP with Body High associate Sage Caswell. Next week, the DJ/producer will return to Peach for his solo debut EP, Inner Knows.

A regular of LA’s “pansexual party palace” A Club Called Rhonda, Cromie delivers the type of classicist house favored in the city’s fast-growing club scene. On Inner Knows, the question posed by ‘How To Stop A Bulldozer’ is answered with jubilant, hands-in-air house, while the warped title track is better suited for late night adventures. The EP is rounded out by the future funk of ‘Flan’ and a “Stopandgopercussivephase” remix of the same by contemporary Suzanne Kraft.

Stream the EP in full below. Inner Knows is due out on June 23 via Peach.



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