Young prodigy Gerry Read has stitched together almost an hour of exclusive edits.

If you’re familiar with his long list of 12″s on Ramp sublabel Fourth Wave or his recent drops on Will Saul’s esteemed Aus Music imprint you’ll know how crucial these tracks are, and he rampages through his selection without any fear or remorse.

This means that Nirvana are no longer sacred cows as he chops a guitar lick from ‘Love Buzz’, spraying it relentlessly over a pounding 4/4. Elsewhere Armand Van Helden, Herbert, Tessela, Aardvarck, Clark, Lootpack and more all receive the Read treatment, and have their tracks chopped and looped to fit his very specific needs.

In an era when most DJs are happy to hit play and then fist pump for two hours, Read’s irreverent selection of edits is a breath of fresh air, and the mix seems especially appropriate now that the sun’s made an appearance.

You can download and stream it in full below, and make sure you check out Read’s excellent forthcoming 12″ ‘Socialize’, which is out now on Fourth Wave.


Braincell ‘Dying World’ [Air Mix]
Armand Van Helden ‘Necessary Evil’ [Gerry Edit]
Subhead ‘7th Dimension’ [Gerry Edit]
Boner M ‘Zoidar’ [Gerry’s Bassline Edit]
Eris edit [Tom Toms]
Wyndell Long ‘Wiggle!’
Mr Oizo Having Sex With a Turntable
John Baker Vs Blake Baxter
Lootpack ‘Whenimondamic’ [Gerry Edit]
Clark ‘Lofthouse’ [Gerry Edit]
Nirvana ‘Love Buzz’ [Gerry’s Drum n Bass Solo]
Vick Lavender ‘Did you Really’ [Gerry Edit]
R. Mello ‘No Ears Dub Debut’
Herbert ‘Butt-Head’ [Gerry Edit]
Aardvarck ‘Nosestep’ [Gerry Edit]
Gerry Read ‘Fear Breakdown’
Tessela ‘Helter Skelter’ [Gerry Read Rework]
Δ Δ ‘Smoke (Skit)’
Gerry Read Band ‘Whiskey’



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