Young Echo duo Jabu announce <em>Kwaidan</em> EP, share preview of 'Chamber'

The Bristol-based pair ready the follow-up to their 2012 debut.

Amos Childs and Alex Rendall emerged back in 2012 as part of the Young Echo clique, alongside the likes of Kahn and Vessel. Combining Childs’ often beatless productions with Rendall’s MCing, they released a self-titled EP on Astro:Dynamics and contributed to the crew’s Nexus album.

Next up for the duo is an EP for UK label Ramp Recordings, a 7-tracker entitled Kwaidan. It’s due out on July 21 on vinyl and digital, and you can stream the moody ‘Chamber’ below; the tracklist follows. [via RA]

01. Untitled
02. Chamber
03. Don’t Fall Down
04. Untitled #2
05. Empty Days
06. Limousine
07. Outro



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