Stream a four-hour NTS grime session with Slimzee, Slackk, Murlo, Logos, Mumdance, Spooky, Oil Gang and Trends

Grime’s old and new school coalesced last night as Slimzee and Slackk‘s NTS shows joined forces.

The result? A four hour back-to-back session with both shows’ hosts, plus Logos, Murlo, Trends, Oil Gang, Spooky and Mumdance, who – as Spooky’s commentary tells us – turns up simply to play a Riko version of new single ‘Take Time’ before retreating to the wings.

As you’d expect, the show is heavy with unreleased material – including new cuts from Dullah Beats, Shriekin, Dark0, Inkke and 17 (17!) JT the Goon tunes. Stream it below.



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