Zola Jesus shares <em>Taiga</em> track 'Dangerous Days'; stream/download it now

Nika Roza Danilova returns with her first new music since 2011.

Zola Jesus teased Taiga last week, and now we have the first taste of her new album. While miles away from the tape-hissing bedroom productions with which she made her debut, ‘Dangerous Days’ is a dance-pop affirmation that continues her development into her own kind of pop icon. Stream it below and download it for the price of an email address.

Taiga is due out on October 7 on Mute Records. The title refers to the Russian name for the boreal forest, which Danilova describes as “a feral, untapped world that could happily exist without us.” She says the 11-track album “feels like my true debut, because it is the first time I have felt so open and liberated.”



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