FACT TV wants your footage for a short film about Glastonbury

Going to Glastonbury this week? FACT TV wants you.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be working on a short film about Glastonbury, made entirely using fan-shot footage – think Ridley Scott’s Life In a Day, but with more mud. We’ll have members of our own team shooting footage, but we want the focus to be on your Glastonbury experience, so for every Instagram video or Vine that ends up used in our final film, we’ll pay £50.

When you upload your Glastonbury videos to Vine or Instagram, tag them with #FACTGlasto so that they’re pulled into our feed. The more the better: not all videos will be used, but we want to get as wide a range as possible to reflect the scale and diversity of the festival. And if you can’t upload them at the time (we all know what phone reception can be like at festivals), then we’ll still be checking the tag for footage in the week after the festival.

Alternatively, if you have Glasto footage but don’t want to use Instagram or Vine, then email the footage (preferably via Dropbox) at editorial@thevinylfactory.com, with the email subject line as ‘FACTGlasto’.

Your first time going to Glasto this year? Check out FACT’s Guide to Glastonbury, and FACT’s Guide to Starting a Festival, with advice from Glasto founder Michael Eavis.



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